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Precision Window Tinting carries a lifetime window tint warranty against bubbling, cracking, pealing, and color change.

We carry a variety of tint darkness’s, ranging from almost limo tint to 70% (almost transparent) and everything in between.

We do offer window tint removal. Prices vary depending upon difficulty of removal.

Whether trading in or selling outright, Clear Bra will raise the value of your vehicle. Clear Bra can be removed without damaging your paint.


The most common application sites include: Hood, Fenders, bumper, door edges, rocker panels, wheel flares, mirrors, and door handle inserts.

Think of your last vehicle and the places that could have used a little paint protection and apply that knowledge to choosing the places you would like us to apply the Clear Bra Film.


We have put Clear Bra paint protection on cars, trucks, motorcycies, RV’s, boats, trailers, you name it!

Sometimes those big, beautiful windows cause a big problem, solar heat gain! Does one room or side of your home turn into a sauna because of the sun? We have the solution!


Precision Window Tinting carries a variety of Architectural Grade window films specifically designed to target heat control.


We are confident that we can suggest a film that will not only look great but perform great, giving you a more stable temperature and comfortable living space.

We all love the idea of lots of natural light in our home, but at what expense? Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause serious damage to your leather furniture, artwork, carpeting, fabrics, and even hard wood floors. I have worked with many interior designers who now recommend window films.


They understand the undeniable value of natural lighting, and the danger of letting it stream through unprotected windows. Let us help you save your home’s furnishings from UV damage. All of our films block 99% of UV rays.


Think of it as sunscreen for your home’s interior while still enjoying the view.

Do you ever feel like you need to wear sunglasses in that one room in your home or office? We have the answer to both enjoying your view AND relieving the glare of the sun!


Whether it is direct or indirect sunlight, summer sun or the glare off the snow in the winter, Precision Window Tinting offers a variety of different shades to solve the problem.


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    At Precision Window Tinting we operate our business with professionalism, integrity, and our products carry a lifetime guarantee!